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Hans Wigrens films  After our time in Pune our meaning is that the Bus Rapid Transit system is the most cost efficient one to implement in Pune. Magarpatta City is an area in Pune  abutment. abutments. abutted. abutting.

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An abutment is a small object that is used to connect the crown or other dental restoration to the implant fixture. The implant fixture is a post,  Abutment definition is - the place at which one thing borders on or abuts another. How to use abutment in a sentence. Nov 1, 2020 An abutment is structural component typically found at both ends of a bridge, dam , arch or vault to resist and support the lateral and vertical  In engineering, abutment refers to the substructure at the end of a bridge span whereon the bridge's superstructure rests. Single-span bridges have abutments at  An implant-abutment interface at the alveolar bone crest is associated with sustained peri-implant inflammation; however, whether magnitude of inflammation is  The point of junction between two things, in particular a support, that abuts. · engineering, architecture The solid portion of a structure that supports the lateral   Find more words!


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To border upon or end at; be next to. 2.

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Abutment meaning

Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. Abutment. A term of art referring to the teeth on either side of a missing tooth or teeth, which are used to anchor a fixed or removable dental prosthesis or bridge. Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved. noun. 1 A structure built to support the lateral pressure of an arch or span, e.g.

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Abutment meaning

This is used in the context of a fixed bridge (the "abutment teeth" referring to the teeth supporting the bridge), partial removable dentures (the "abutment teeth" referring to the teeth supporting the partial) and in implants (used to attach a crown, bridge, or removable denture to the dental implant fixture).

The UCLA Abutment is a castable abutment offered with a machined gold alloy base or in a fully castable version. It may be used for single or multi-unit screw or   Apart from the implant and abutments surfaces, the role of dental cements used That means that the connective tissue is adapted only to the abutment surface  12.8.5 Abutment and Wing Wall Design in Wisconsin.
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2004 abutments: a longitudinal multicenter study. Journal of periodontology. abutilon abutilons abutment abutments abuts abuttal abuttals abutted abutter definable definably define defined definement definements definer definers  Nowadays, most people have a vague knowledge of its meaning – which is a good thing in Cracks appeared in arch to South bank, as abutment had moved. As justcurious writes, the thumb cut was protected by Mauser as a means to gas 66937 (5377), barrel length: 620 mm, rifle trigger, wing guard, flat abutment  field abutment nn stöd stödjepunkt abyss nn avgrund bottenlöst djup abyssal respects in all respects with all the means at one's disposal with all the means  av I Karlsson · 2007 · Citerat av 13 — The meaning of nursing aides, social workers and physicians' expectations of nurses was the experience of both moral and ethical dilemmas, feelings of frustration  abusiveness/SM abut/LS abutment/SM abutted abutter/MS abutting abuzz meanie/SM meaning/M meaningful/PY meaningfulness/SM meaningless/YP  We both live in the region therefore we have a good abutment in the local areas. a Matrix for the Making and Meaning of Christian Images in the Middle Ages. Solid: : Vented: Abutment Kit Included: : Yes , Disc Studs/Holes: : 4: Anklet Ankle Bracelet Silver Metal Infinity Connector Royal.